The Pretty Reckless: Light Me Up Tour

Tonight, I attended The Pretty Reckless’ gig at one of my favourite venues in Toronto (Tattoo Rock Parlour) for their first North American Headlining Tour. I was blown away. Fronted by Gossip Girl’s Taylor Momsen, it’s difficult to believe that she’s only in her late teens. Aesthetically, personally & musically the singer shows the audience a side of maturity you would certainly not expect. Further, most actors who venture into the music industry tend to do so with disastrous consequences. On the contrary, The Pretty Reckless are authentic rock and Momsen brings powerful vocals with an equally potent attitude.

  1. “Since You’re Gone”
  2. “Light Me Up”
  3. “Miss Nothing”
  4. “Zombie”
  5. “Just Tonight”
  6. “Goin’ Down”
  7. “Supersonic / Time Is Running Out”
  8. “My Medicine”
  9. “Make Me Wanna Die”
  10. “Factory Girl”

Momsen graces the stage with her sultry rasp which is simultaneously smooth. She delivers the lyrics (that she shares co-writing credits) about being a product of growing up in the entertainment industry with absolute ferocity.

I was very impressed when the band did a mash up of Oasis’ “Supersonic” and Muse’s “Time Is Running Out.” The rendition was foreign to younger members of the audience, but everyone else definitely appreciated it. Momsen actually did the songs justice.

It’s due time for the revival of rock & roll. The Pretty Reckless are off to a fantastic music career and I really look forward to their future work. I strongly suggest you see them live now while they still play relatively small venues. The intimate feeling won’t last long as they have serious rock-star potential.

Check out The Pretty Reckless
their debut album (Interscope Records) Light Me Up


  1. Pretty gal! Music aint so bad ether :P

  1. […] Ivarsson reminds me of an older version of The Pretty Reckless’ vocalist, Taylor Momsen. The Sounds’ frontwoman lead the group with fast-paced dance […]

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